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The X1/9 Club of Denmark
The X1/9 Club of Denmark is an enthusiastic club for the sportscars Fiat X1/9 (produced from 1972 to 1983) and Bertone X1/9 (produced from 1982 to 1989).

Members of the club are persons that own, drive or keep an interest in these cars.

The club was founded on September 17th 1983, and has now approximately 100 members from all over of the country, including a few from Norway and Sweden.

The fundamental idea of the X1/9 Club of Denmark is to gather X1/9 owners for cosy, enthusiastic and professional arrangements in order to keep the X1/9 for the future.

The club arranges meetings and get-togethers, which in itself is a great experience.

The subscription is DKK 30,- per month, and is paid once a year, march 1th.

The club has good contacts to other X1/9 clubs abroad, with whom common arrangements are held every year.

The X1/9 Club of Denmark works widely and expects to expand as the X1/9 sportscar becomes a rarity.

Establishment of the X1/9 Club of Denmark is a tribute to FIAT and Bertone for the pleasure in driving and the experiences that the X1/9 has given us. Together they created a sportscar for the man in the street in a time characterised by oil crisis, a car model which has set fashion for sportscars.

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X1/9 Club of Denmark
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